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"Jake Squared has a great concept, some genuinely funny moments and is ultimately a soul-searching look at relationships consistently gone awry – and what to do in the aftermath, when it may be too late. Highly recommended." Full Review



"Sweet, funny and often philosophical, Jake Squared hits all the right buttons." Full Review


"Jake es un agente inmobiliario que siempre buscó el amor y hacer una película. Finalmente se decidió a filmarla y contar su historia con un actor joven representándolo. Pero las propias versiones de Jake más jóvenes irrumpen en el relato creando una gran confusión en el director. 90%! Full Review


"Jake Squared is a sweet and compelling story about looking inside yourself to realise why you are where you find yourself." Full Review


"Jake Squared is an existential piece of comedy drama, utilising a film-within-a-film technique to hilarious and mind-boggling effect." Full Review

EXAMINER.COM (Joshua Kaye)

"Howard Goldberg has constructed one of my favorite films of 2013 and while it was the first feature length film to be screened at the Big Apple Film Festival, it may well be the highlight of the festival." Full Review



" 'Jake Squared' is a fast paced, comedically intense film which capitalizes on the energy and talent of not only the cast but also the succinctly written script." Full Review



5 STARS - I saw it in the theatre when it came out and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I didn't know what to expect and found the journey it took me on to be fun, quirky and as a female viewer, a bit of a peek behind the "curtain". Loved how it played around and twisted reality.


4 STARS - I liked this movie, the uniqueness of it. he was looking for insight about himself and his life and got more than he bargained for. I don't think I have seen another movie like this one. and was even a little melancholy with some the things in the movie. maybe we all have that thought a certain age of "what if", and look back and try to understand our actions when we were younger. one sad part is when he finds his mother, she is younger than he remembers and is so happy to see her.worth watching.

5 STARS - fantastic fantasy funny i loved it ! excellent cast , a filmmakers film . totally delivers .


5 STARS - I haven't given a movie 5 stars in quite some time. This one earned the rating. Original, introspective and hilariously funny in some parts with a bit of poignancy thrown in here and there. (The scene with his mother was particularly so.) The first movie I have seen in quite awhile where I sat back as it ended and said to myself, "Self. I'm glad you watched that."


5 STARS - Jake Squared is a brilliant little film full of big ideas about love and relationships and one man’s search for meaning. Reminiscent of early Woody Allen, the film is funny, thoughtful and provocative. Elias Koteas turns in a spot on performance as a neurotic filmmaker at various stages of his life. I highly recommend this film to any one who appreciates smart humor and great acting.


5 STARS - sweet soulful story..the biggest crime of all is why hasn't elias koteas won an OSCAR already. i mean, come on.


4 STARS - Perhaps I overrate, but I don't think this is 1 or 2 star comedy. I agree it took some patient or impatient wait time for the real fun to begin, but after that, even the patio was rockin'! You had to actually pay attention to the one liners, read the quotations, and accept the possibility: What If? Instantly transported back to my 17th year, remembered WHY I did not commit suicide,{'cause I WAS an Adolescent! duh) and settled in to watch the personas duke it out. I could just superimpose the reactions of MY former selves, what would they think of Me? Oh, I felt so impressed by this cast and direction-listening through a film which does NOT include K-knives or have detonators attached and ready! There is action here, but it is slyly intellectual and definitely off-shelf. I wonder how many lines were almost improve? This film explores how it might feel and of course, cannot tell you how it will end. I recommend this show, important for every generation who blames the OTHER Generation...always here. I loved it! High praise for the cast, Jane Seymour looking her gorgeous best (!) Just watch and enjoy. NOT for children under 8. They'd get bored with it anyway.

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